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Operator Math Part 2: Online Tools and Apps

Last week, we shared a few basic tips to help you master some of the calculations used in day-to-day operations. Understanding these and other functions and formulas is an integral part of the job, but working through the problems can be intimidating. Fortunately, there is a large bank of online tools and apps geared toward water and wastewater professionals that puts solutions literally at your fingertips. 

Of course, mobile technology is fast-moving and new tools are being released almost daily. Here are just a few of the ones available at no cost right now.

Online tools

From the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection:

From the Missouri Rural Water Association:

Device apps

From the Missouri Rural Water Association:  

From Georg Fischer AG:

From Thermo Fisher Scientific:

  • Process Water Products – Apple

From Hydromantis ESS, Inc.:

From Pipeflowcalculation.com:

  • Pipe Diameter Calculator – Android

From Fleming Training Center:  

Be sure to check back here next week for the last post in our operator math series. We’ll have resources to help you keep your calculation skills sharp.

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