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Tap Talk: The Drinking Water in Rural America Podcast

Everyone has a role to play in protecting public health. This free audio show connects professionals across the water sector with ideas to enhance our work.

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Free Class: Groundwater and Well Care

Learn the basic science of water wells and best practices to extend the life of the well and ensure your water remains safe to drink. Preapproved for CEUs.

Upcoming Free Webinars

  •  1 PM Central Time
  •  Live Online

Groundwater and Well Care

This webinar will help owners and operators of public water systems that use groundwater better understand how to properly care for their water supply. | Register »

  •  1 PM Eastern Time
  •  Live Online

Hazards of Working with Concrete

This webinar will review the top hazards in masonry work, discuss necessary personal protective equipment | Learn More »

  •  9 AM Easterm Time
  •  Live Online

Functional Exercise Event

This webinar will provide an opportunity for participants to exercise emergency response capabilities in response to a hypothetical extreme weather scenario affecting water and wastewater systems. | Learn More »

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