MPTC Small Water Systems Operators CE (Lead & Copper Sampling, Monitoring, Procedures and Requirements)
  Start Date: 10/13/2021 End Date: One Day Event
  City: Live Online State: Not Specified
  Location: Central Time Zone Start Time: 12:00 PM
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  Details: This course is to be developed to cover all aspects of lead and copper sampling, and in particular provide Small water system operators who work at an "other than municipal" (OTM) community water system or a non-transient non-community (NN) water system, with updated lead and copper sampling, monitoring procedures, and requirements, as well as the opportunity to earn continuing education credits. Cost: FREE. Credits: OTM / NN hours: 3.
  Contact Information
    Name: Angela Gerlach
    Phone: 920-924-3449
  Fee: $0.00    
  Continuing Education      
    Event Credit: 3 OTM / NN hours
    Accepted in: Wisconsin