ITCA Wastewater Treatment – Level 2 Training and Exam
  Start Date: 6/6/2016 End Date: 6/10/2016
  City: Maricopa State: Arizona
  Location: Ak-Chin Water Reclamation Facility Start Time: 8:30 AM
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  Details: The Wastewater Treatment – Level 2 Operator Training Course is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of wastewater system operators. Subjects covered in this training course will include: wastewater treatment processes overview (including BOD, suspended solids, industrial wastewater, coliform bacteria, NPDES regulations, wastewater treatment bacteria and biological activity, flow fluctuations, and the carbon and nitrogen cycles); plant pretreatment (including bar screens, grinder pumps, grit chambers, flow measurement, equalization basins); primary treatment (including clarifiers and sludge pumping); lagoons and stabilization ponds (including types and system design, biology and chemistry of lagoons, loading and detention times, maintenance, odor control, observations and operational testing); secondary treatment—fixed media processes (including trickling filters and operation, rotating biological contactors); secondary treatment—activated sludge; sludge thickening; digestion; pumps and motors; mechanical system operations & maintenance; sampling and laboratory testing; wastewater disinfection and requirements; safety; and management. This course is intense and requires participants to study outside the classroom. A training and reference booklet will be provided. Attendees that are only interested in the training may choose not to take the certification exam. ITCA does NOT “teach to the certification exams.” Students intending to take the certification exam are encouraged to study the Association of Boards of Certification’s Need to Know Criteria and a list of recommended study guide references can be found at: Class registration and exam application deadline is June 1. Tribal Operators Only!
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    Name: ITCA Tribal Water Systems Program
    Phone: (602) 258-4822
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