IHS Safe Drinking Water Act Compliance and Maintenance
  Start Date: 5/17/2016 End Date: 5/19/2016
  City: Billings State: Montana
  Location: Not Specified Start Time: Not Specified
  Event Info: http://www.ihs.gov/EHSCT/index.cfm?module=class&clID=1808&qs=module=classes&catID=6
  For More Info: Not Specified
  Details: This three-day course is designed to provide an overview of the Safe Drinking Water Act and to provide tools to maintain compliance. Topics will include the multi-barrier approach, total coliform rule, revised total coliform rule, groundwater rule, stage 2 disinfection by-products rule, long term 2 enhanced surface water treatment rule, lead and copper rule, disinfection methods, and cross connections. An update from EPA Region X will also be provided. There is no tuition for non-compacted Tribal employees or IHS employees. For all others, tuition is $400/person. Registration for this class will begin on 2/17/2016. Tribal Operators Only!
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    Name: Shari Windt
    Phone: Not Specified
    Email: shari.windt@ihs.gov
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    Accepted in: Montana, National Tribal Operator Program