NWQMC Public Health Impacts of Nitrate and other Drinking Water Contaminants: Implications for Source Water Protection
  Start Date: 2/8/2017 End Date: One Day Event
  City: Webinar State: Online
  Location: Eastern Time Zone Start Time: 1:00 PM
  Event Info: https://acwi.gov/monitoring/webinars/nitrate-public-health_webinar_announcement_8feb17.pdf
  For More Info: https://acwi.gov/monitoring/webinars/index.html
  Details: This webinar will present results of almost 15 years of Iowa-based research on drinking water nitrate and risk for cancer and birth defects. Other emerging drinking water contaminants that will be touched on include pesticides, arsenic, pharmaceutical compounds, as well as recreational water exposures to microcystin from toxic algal blooms.
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    Name: Candice Hopkins
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    Email: chopkins@usgs.gov
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