IHS Biological Wastewater Treatment Process Control & Troubleshooting
  Start Date: 10/26/2016 End Date: 10/27/2016
  City: Olympia State: Washington
  Location: Not Specified Start Time: 8:00 AM
  Event Info: https://www.ihs.gov/EHSCT/index.cfm?module=class&clID=1869&qs=module=classes&catID=0
  For More Info: https://www.ihs.gov/EHSCT/index.cfm?module=downloadag&name=Agenda%20Topics%20-%20Biological%20Wastewater%20Treatment%20Process%20Control%20and%20Troubleshooting%20MBR.pdf
  Details: This two-day training provides instruction on the purpose and function of basic membrane batch reactors [MBR] and sequencing batch reactors [SBR] for wastewater treatment. Operators will also be provided tools to troubleshoot problems and how to establish a facility specific process control strategy. Learning Outcomes: [1] Describe process control biological treatment configurations [2] Identify MBR and SBR troubleshooting techniques [3] Discover methods to recover from system upsets [4] Describe monitoring systems [5] Consider daily testing requirements and results [6] Define nitrification and denitrification processes within the treatment system. Each class participant will receive a copy of: • Nitrogen Control of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Second Edition, 2009 • Copy of Biological Wastewater Treatment Toxicity Recovery Plan, 2016 • Copies of all PowerPoint slides. Cost: Free 1.5 CEU's (estimated). Tribal Operators Only!
  Contact Information
    Name: Georgia Peterson
    Phone: [206] 615-2471
    Email: georgia.peterson@ihs.gov
  Fee: $0.00    
  Continuing Education      
    Event Credit: 1.5 CEU's estimated
    Accepted in: National Tribal Operator Program