Careers in Water Operations

A Career Worth Considering

Water and wastewater operators are passionate about what they do. In this growing career field, operators can find new challenges day-to-day, job security and personal satisfaction in protecting human health and the environment.

In this video, we interview operators, operators-in-training and our own interns who have shadowed operators to give you an overview of what its like to be an operator and why it is a valued profession worth exploring. We'd love if you shared this video!

The Operator Opportunity

The employment of water and wastewater treatment plant operators is expected to grow by 16.2 percent through the year 2014–an increase of around 15,000 jobs. An additional 33,000 positions are also expected to open due to replacement needs (via

How to Become a Certified Operator

In most states, you can become a certified operator by passing an exam and meeting requirements for on-the-job experience, i.e. a specific academic degree is not required. We have developed a searchable database of operator schools and training programs around the country.

Resources for Learning at Home

Correspondence courses are an increasingly popular option for beginning the learning process at home, plus there are a variety of helpful study guides available for free and for a fee.

Search for Operator Jobs

In small communities especially, your local paper may be the best way to find operator jobs in the area. Your state program field office, local water operator association or technical assistance provider organization may also know of opportunities. Online job listings are increasingly used, though opportunities in larger cities dominate.